About Photostories, Family, Events

These are a wonderful record for a child and other family members and are very sensitively produced.  Spending time with the child, young person or adult, helping them to participate to construct a record of their life, friends and family at a particular time in their lives.

Examples have been: a child transitioning from junior to senior school, researching and producing a photostory of a senior using their own material and other's photographs for a treasured family record, photographing a garden and producing a photobook for a birthday present and prior to moving. £95 is a guide price for these.

(The photobooks) arrived today and I am thrilled. Worth all the effort! Thank you so much again. You made it so easy! Sue


Family and other occasions
Attending the occasion, providing the digital photographs to use as desired, utilising the website for others to view the photographs and producing a photobook of the occasion. 

Examples have been, a home and/or location portrait session, a significant birthday party, Christenings, naming ceremony at a Registry office, artiste promotional material, gun dogs in training and a military funeral. £95 is a guide price for these.

Margaret and Bernard say "the books will be the most interesting coffee table books in our living room, the service has been excellent value, we would certainly recommend this service to others.




Sports, charity, corporate events.

Oh Wow!! Thank you so much for the photos you sent me, they’re brilliant. I rarely receive professional photos of my work or my set up so this is a real treat for me. Thanks again Alex. Debbie.



The photographers have had satisfactory criminal record bureau checks and maintain current professional insurance.

These prices hold for 2016.